Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Race Well Run ~ A Mr. Monday Post

This week, I want to cheer and hope you can forgive me for bragging on my Darling Groom! You see, he completed his first ever 5K. I am so proud of him!

Project 58 hosted a 5K in our area this weekend to raise donations for their organization. Our daughter had wanted to do this with Darling Groom as a father/daughter thing and even trained with him early on. Little did we know that she would not be able to participate.

While I'm proud of Darling Groom, I'm more inspired by his integrity and his willingness to complete the task no matter the obstacles and he set an example for me and our children. You see, he was involved in a nasty car accident just a bit back that set aside his training/warm-up. And just when he could get back to it, he had to take some medication and one of the side affects was potential muscle trouble (including having major tendons snap).

Most people would have understood had he simply donated his race fees and yet sat out. Most people would have understood and encouraged him to remain home where it was warm and cozy. He's not a "runner" in the sense that most people are. In fact, I think he told me the last time he participated in anything remotely resembling a 5K was when he had to do laps in high schools (let's just say a couple of decades ago).

Not him. Not Darling Groom!

He honored his commitment to the race. Not only that, he finished the race!

Our family is so proud of him and thankful to him for showing us in word and action what it means to stick to something, to give it your best no matter the situation! In doing so, he showed us the witness of the power of prayer (there was a lot before and during the race) and the witness of having our "yea mean yea".

Congratulations, Darling Groom! I know that with God's help you'll reach the goals you've set for the race next year!

PS...Thanks to everyone who was there, cheering him on and encouraging him in this endeavor!

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  1. That's amazing! Congrats to him!

  2. Thanks so much! I'll pass along the congrats (unless he's reading this himself, lol)

  3. That's AWESOME!!! Having just finished a run myself...I know all too well the trials that seem to rear their ugly heads and thoughts of quitting and giving up. So proud of him for sticking with it!!! Congrats!

    PS. Did I send you my run update? If not, check out my blog. XO