Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bit of Apron Whimsy

One of the projects that occupied my time in the past month was an apron I created for a swap partner. It's one of my favorites and while I'm still mastering that waist band (I'm a novice seamstress), it was so much fun to do. It was also the first time I've enjoyed working with the bias tape (seemed to have conquered working with that finally).

If you know me in real life, then you know of my affinity for aprons--especially vintage ones. Though I have been under conviction of excess and have purged my collection, I do still enjoy looking at them and making them for people I know.

This particular little darling is from Simplicity. It's part of their "vintage/retro" revival of apron patterns and I'm thrilled to report they are not the only ones re-releasing vintage patterns (see also Butterick and McCall's, etc.).

The objective of this swap was to create something from our stash for spring and for the kitchen. I had purchased this fabric a bit back (which is why I don't remember the name of it)--the only reason I know where it came from is because it was printed on the selvage. We were allowed to purchase only $10 or less in supplies (not from stash) so I used that to purchase another two packs of double-fold bias (I had one).

It is Simplicity pattern # 2592 (apron view "d") and I made it in "medium" size. the fabric is a cotton made exclusively for Joann Fabrics. I thought it was the perfect spring/summer pattern. The generously long apron ties were made of basic white broadcloth.


Back in Action - Part Deux!


The extreme craziness is over for a bit. It was all for good reasons but it can be so time-consuming and exhausting. It also seems that when I am running on that last bit of energy the enemy knows it's the time to attack and send me into a tailspin. Thanks to a good friend and my darling groom and much, much, M-U-C-H help from the Lord, it seems to be over.

Today we are just resting; the entire family is enjoying some time together. It's a gray day here, and with gentle rumbles of thunder to accompany the steady rainfall it's a good day to cozy in and relax. There is much work to do but we did not get a Sabbath this week, so perhaps this will be a respite from it all.

Though, I do feel like we need to build an ark. I pray you all are not drowning out there. In our neck of the woods we've had a bout of extreme weather--including an extreme tornado which hit Lambert airport. My heart and prayers go out to all those across the world who are suffering from such extreme weather.

I hope and pray you all are doing well.

Keep an eye out for posts coming up today and in the upcoming days about what we've been up to and what's been on our hearts. I have missed everyone much and look forward to catching up here and other places in cyber-space.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

And we follow up with...

National Pie Day!


I'm looking at my strawberry plants and can't wait for them to grow. Might just have to stop by the farmer's market and pick up some berries to make a delicious strawberry pie in celebration of National Pie Day!

Hope it's a great day for you, wherever you are. It's hot and sunny here, and I have a bunch of new plants to prepare to put in the soil since my darling groom dug up the monster shrub in front of our house. :)

Have a good one!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

National Coffee Cake Day!


Today (April 7th) is National Coffee Cake day!

~ It is believed this is the "history of coffee cakes" - Honey cakes were prepared since Biblical times. Eventually the French created galettes (which was the first step in the eventual Christmas fruitcake). Galettes also led to the invention of sweet rolls and as time rolled on led to Danish coffee cakes (which really did contain coffee). ~ Taken from

So, it's a good day to get out that coffee, whip up a yummy snack and enjoy with family and/or friends. Forks up!

Do you have a favorite coffee cake recipe?

Back in Action

Hi all, sorry for the absence. Aside from time slipping away in the busy-ness of life, we had the icky stuff run through our house. (Hoping this means that we got it over with and can now enjoy the rest of spring.)

I'll be posting some drafts I've created over the last few weeks (spread them out over the upcoming days). So, stay tuned...