Thursday, April 7, 2011

National Coffee Cake Day!


Today (April 7th) is National Coffee Cake day!

~ It is believed this is the "history of coffee cakes" - Honey cakes were prepared since Biblical times. Eventually the French created galettes (which was the first step in the eventual Christmas fruitcake). Galettes also led to the invention of sweet rolls and as time rolled on led to Danish coffee cakes (which really did contain coffee). ~ Taken from

So, it's a good day to get out that coffee, whip up a yummy snack and enjoy with family and/or friends. Forks up!

Do you have a favorite coffee cake recipe?


  1. Nope...never made one! LOL

  2. You know, I have made some of the Pampered Chef ones when I used to demo all those years ago, but haven't made one since. Hmmm, might need to remedy that even if the day is over.