Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Operation Shoe Box - Boxes due this week!

I am not sure if any of your are familiar with this charity, but it is a good one to reach the world's children in a way you might not ever be able to again.

If you want more information you can visit the site at Operation Christmas Child. Please note, this week is the week they are collecting shoe boxes!! I believe you can find drop-off locations for your area through their website, if not, google for groups in your area.

Basically, you create a gift of little things in a shoebox for a child who would not otherwise receive a gift. The wonderful thing is that these gifts are prayed over before you pack them away.

One group that is often neglected is older children (10+ years in age). Jessica over at Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility has really had her heart given over to the girls in this age group and in fulfilling the commitments to being a Titus 2 Woman and also to care for those children, she has created an awesome FREE downloadable pdf file to give these girls lessons in crochet. Knowing that they do not speak English, the instructions are in photo form.

If you aren't a crocheter or knitter, then you might find it easier to go to a "box" store for yarn rather than a yarn store. A lot of crafting stores have yarn on sale for the craft projects that are feverishly going on. For example, Michaels has Vanna's Choice yarn for $2.99 per skein. You could use the 40% off coupon to purchase some hooks. Hobby Lobby also has yarn and a 40% off coupon this week. You could check other stores like local hobby stores, Joann's etc and if you are a knitter/crocheter be sure to support your local yarn shoppe!

Add some other items like a sweet (no chocolate--don't want it to melt over yarn) and maybe a cute notebook and pencil or even personal care items.

Then pray that these items will find the girl they belong to and that God will use these things to greatly bless her!

If you want to know more about the printable instructions, please visit Muthering Heights and follow Jessica's directions and while you are there take a few moments to read her blog, I think you'll find it entertaining and instructional. She's a gem with a passion for helping others.

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  1. We sent our boxes out today...wish i would have found your post before hand cause we always do 10+ girl & 10+ boy. Praying God blesses all the kids this year and am looking forward to possibly going to NC in a couple of years to help in the warehouse with Operation Christmas child. :)