Monday, November 21, 2011

Be Aware - A Mr. Monday Post

It's Monday and you know what that means--time to celebrate our fabulous misters.

I just have to say, this past week or two, Darling Groom has once more gone above and beyond, what we thought was an illness turned out to be some dental issues and he helped take care of everything so I could concentrate on dealing with this. He's such a ...


If you've read my blog or know us personally, then you know that my husband is all about safety. He has asked me to use this Mr. Monday to share some safety tips with you.

First, however, he wants me to encourage you to not be bound by a spirit of fear. If you find yourself falling into this trap, remember that God is always with you and that perfect love casts out fear. This post is not designed to make you afraid, rather to give you a few tools to be more aware. He has such a heart for women's safety (I did mention he has a wife, daughter, mother, two sisters, seven step-sisters, aunts, cousins, countless nieces, etc., right? LOL).

Darling Groom's thoughts are that God did not create us to live in fear, but neither did He create us to be oblivious. Everything is in God's control, no matter what, but that does not give us a pass to stop looking out for ourselves or our family. If you knew a snow storm was coming, you would most likely stock up and make sure your family had what it needed for shelter, food and warmth during that time. You trust in God to keep you safe, but you also use the knowledge He provides to care for your loved ones. The same thought-process applies here.

While you are out and about this season (actually, all year) these are some things Darling Groom wants you to keep in mind:

~ If at all possible, shop during daylight hours.

~ He realizes that it does get dark earlier now, so if you do go out after nightfall try to shop in groups of 3 or more.

~ At night, park underneath parking lot lights.

~ No matter what time of day, try to park next to a cart well, that way you only have one side of your car exposed. If you are by yourself, try to make sure the driver's side is the one next to the cart well.

~ Wear an over-the-shoulder hip purse (one that crosses your body and allows the purse to be put in front, by belly or hip). A fanny pack could work too, IF you put your clip under your clothing (not exposed for someone to loosen). Better yet, if you could find a small coin purse and put in your front pocket with everything you need. Do not use wristlet purses (they can break when pulled on), shoulder bags (they can be yanked off or ripped at straps) or anything that can tempt others to reach inside or grab. Also do not put your purse in the cart! Make sure it's on you at all times.

~ Only carry the cash, credit/debit cards you intend to use. Leave the rest at home. Also, make a note of what you carry with you.

~ When using cash, be aware of your surroundings and do not put it all in one lump. You do not want to be flashing cash around. Even if it's a bit, when it's in a bundle it can appear to be a lot from a distance.

~ Take care of everything before you leave the store. Make sure your money, receipts and phone are put away, your keys are in hand and walk out with purpose.

Darling Groom says, "Do not be distracted!"

I cannot tell you how often we will be out shopping or at dinner and we see women coming out of stores/restaurants and they are so preoccupied with their phone conversations or their texts. His heart just breaks because they are busy talking, digging in their purses and not paying attention to their surroundings. It's a sad state that we need to be so aware, but the truth remains that we do.

He put it to me this way...if there were a thief and two women came out of a store at the same time that thief had a choice. One woman had her keys in her hand, looked all around to be aware of her surroundings, head up. Not fearful, but purposeful. The other woman had her phone between shoulder and ear, was pushing her cart with one hand while the other was digging through the purse she was looking into. Now, back to the thief, which lady do you think makes an easier target to steal from?

~ When you get to your car, lock your purse in your car before you begin to put your things in the trunk, or put it in the trunk before you begin loading. Less temptation.

~ If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, leave as quickly as possible and do not worry about hurting anyone's feelings.

But most importantly, Darling Groom wanted me to remind you all to stay safe so you can enjoy your family during this (and every) time of the year.


...and that is why I just thank the Lord that He gave us such a wonderful provider and protector in Darling Groom!

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Too awesome!

  2. Amen to all of that...I think about these things often!!!

  3. I'll be sure to tell Darling Groom your comments!!