Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super SAHM...or not

Original post edited for length--
will be breaking this up into a series of posts
for easier reading and to give you time to absorb the information.

Today someone asked me how I get so much finished each day. If you've ever seen my daily to-do lists you would know what she was talking about (my daily routines would really blow your mind). And yes, just so you know, I am a first-born child, haha.

Seriously though, let me state here and now that I do n-o-t get everything finished on my list.

There is one thing I learned about myself a long time ago and that is if I do not make a list long enough to keep me busy, I will stretch the tiniest jobs until very little gets finished. Also, I am a micro-manager and born list maker. If I don't have a list, I flounder. If I don't micro-manage, I will forget something. For example, instead of a simple "tidy the house" I have to have a main goal (which is the parts of the house people see) and then break it down by room. And my morning routine will say "eat breakfast, take vitamin" because I will get so busy tidying the rooms that I forget to do those things.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I struggle as greatly as the next woman with some of these things. My worst offender (lack of discipline) has been maintenance of a job previously taken care of. Add to that the fact that I am clawing my way out of years and years of mementos, school papers, clothing, gadgets that were supposed to make my life easier, and all that clutter that has accumulated and helped create my Goliath-sized lists. Thanks to God and a very patient husband, and support from friends in the same situation it is getting there. I'd love to take the journey with you, if you find yourself floundering, we can encourage each other.

I will to spend the next few posts doing a series on topics to help you understand my approach to caring for my home and maybe you can find some ideas to help you create your own approach that works!


  1. I need my lists too. I get so much more done if I plan on doing certain things. I am also a first-born, and also have to break big things into smaller parts, because I tend to get distracted in the minutae of any given job that I'll get nowhere fast.

  2. It is good to know that I'm not the only one who forgets to eat breakfast,etc without a list because they get caught up with what they are doing. I'm a first-born too. I have to write every single thing that I need to do otherwise I forget.