Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ribbon is your friend!

Here's a sewing tip that I learned way back when I became interested in sewing, then promptly forgot in the excitement of learning. Thankfully, I have since remembered and then it dawned on me, what if you don't know it? Well, let's make sure we remedy that, just in case.

When you are making long skinny pieces (like ties for chairs or aprons) you can use ribbon to help you turn it inside out. Let me tell you, it makes a world of difference and saves the tips of your fingers and time!

Here's what you do!

1) Cut the fabric (according to pattern/need) and iron the piece as needed.

2) Before you stitch, get a roll of ribbon and open it up. It is best if you use a coordinating ribbon that way any little showing bit won't be a distraction. For this demo though, I used a dark ribbon so you can see it better (and, quite honestly, it was the first one I laid my hands on).

3) Lay the ribbon inside the folded fabric, close to the fold (not the open seam). You will need to constantly check to make sure you don't stitch the ribbon to the long seam, so continuously push it over as you sew.

NOTE! It is best if you leave the ribbon on the roll (not cut right now)!
This way you will only need to use about an inch for the tie and not waste any. :)

3) Stitch the edge of the ribbon in the end seam. Turn the fabric and begin sewing down the long seam.

4) When you get to the end, lock in your stitch then take it off the machine. snip off the little piece of ribbon that is hanging out and trim any fabric (as directed/needed).

5) Pull on the ribbon to turn your tie inside out. You might need to lightly pinch the fabric at the top, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have the ties turned in no time.

6) Once it's turned, snip as close to the seam as you can get without snipping into the fabric.

VOILA! In six easy steps you've saved yourself some time and frustration. :)

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