Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And the winner is...

T.A. Allen!

Congratulations TA!

You have won a hand-sewn apron from a kit called:

The Jacqueline (as this particular apron is known) is reminiscent of television days gone by when Donna Reed or Mrs. Cleaver wore their high heels and pearls while they cleaned their homes or whipped up a delicious treat.This 100% cotton apron was sewn by me, and while not "machine perfect" it was created with lots of love and prayers for a contented life. I hope this apron gives you some sense of whimsy and cheer to help make even the most mundane chores a little more of a joy.Thank you to each lovely lady who entered my giveaway! I hope you continue to come back to keep me company in this quiet part of cyber-space and also for future giveaways!

Congratulations again, TA!


PS...be kind to the model. She was very sleepy and already dressed for bed, but such a wonderful sport to help mom out in a pinch! :)


  1. Oh hey .. that's me! And that's adorable! I have an apron .. but it's for Halloween, so it's put away.



  2. Tania,

    I can't find your email address so I can get your mailing address...eek! Can you help?