Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome... my new home on the web. It's still under construction, so bear with me. :)

After much prayer and consideration (combined with an--at times frustrating--inability to access my craft blog), I decided to start fresh. This year holds a milestone birthday for me and the need to simplify is greater than ever.

Most of you know that I am far from perfect (and for anyone who doesn't, bless you! LOL). Please don't expect perfection, but I do hope that along the way I might be able to share something to help you out and pray you can do the same so we can strive for excellence together.

I also hope that by keeping it all in one place (versus three or four different blogs), this blog will be easier to keep up with and make it more of a joy for you to read. We'll cover everything from homeschooling to homekeeping, crafting and of course, Holy things. I hope to share our laughs and tears as well as the failures and successes along this journey blessed by Grace. To keep it real.

So, look forward to talking to you more soon. Lots of hugs, prayers and love to you.

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