Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Hares

Not sure if I'll have time to blog later today, so will instead share a gardening tip regarding wascally wabbits.

(The Elmer Fudd voice not doing it for you? Oh, okay. Moving on...)

With spring right around the corner, my mind turns to gardens and growing things. Now mind you, my thumb is not green but I am determined to grow something this year--even if it's a single, solitary carrot, poor lonely thing--and I have all my supplies sitting here, ready to begin seeding for the late spring planting. :) I have been reading up and gathering all kinds of information to help.

This tip comes from the book Gardening Magic (Joey Greens) and while it is specific in brand useage, I would think your average wascally wabbit (cough...cough, okay, will stop now) wouldn't know the difference between McCormick and store brand. It's also a great alternative to other expensive, messy or just plain drastic (chemicals, anyone?) measures.

If you want to keep those rabbits (there!) out of your carrot patch, lettuce or whatever, then sprinkle pepper around the edge of the patch and also throughout the patch. The pepper won't harm your plants but most rabbits have strong sense of smell and do NOT like pepper.

I wonder if pepper makes rabbits sneeze too?

Hmmm...potential science experiment?

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  1. I have pretty much given-up trying to grow much because of those cute rabbits, but perhaps I'll try the pepper! Thank you for visiting my blog!