Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Memory Verse(s) for the day

Recently, I began trying to think of ways to increase my Biblical knowledge and also "hide the Word" in my heart. It's been a weak point of mine, especially when you consider that before marriage, children, mortgages, and little blessings like those entered my life I had bulk passages memorized word for word. I'm not bragging (or pray that I am not, and if so, forgive me), it's just that I long for the days when I could recall the Words of God in an instant.

Then it hit me, I used to study it for hours at a time. I no longer have that luxury and if I were brutally honest with you, I barely have time to read the Word, much less memorize it. I know the first step is to make it a priority. CHECK. So, what else can I do? Even making it a priority I still don't have extra hours in the day. I began thinking, time is short and I want to do this, but how?

One verse at a time.

If I can memorize one verse (or passage) each day, in a year I'll have at least 365 verses memorized! WOW.

I think today I'll begin with reviewing and re-memorizing the 23rd Psalm. I know most of it, but after years bottles and binkies, tag and play-doh, my brain is a little out of practice.

So, please, if you're interested in joining in, please keep an eye out for updates on verse memorization and keep praying for all of us as we strive to draw near to Him.


  1. I do the Beth Moore Siesta's Memory Verses - you pick a verse to learn the 1st & 15th of the month...you go over the old ones each and your new one that you're learning for the next 15 days...you really get a good basis of Maintaining the verses by memory.

    No offense but I think it will be pretty difficult to learn a new verse a day...I mean you can read it and roll over it a bit but I don't think I would be able to MAINTAIN it...I think I would be under alot of pressure doing that...I'll stick with 2 verses a month...that's pretty do-able for me.

  2. I love your blog design! Just came over to meet you, I'm a new Blogging Buddy.


  3. Kim, I may cry out for help later on, lol. Right now, it's fairly easy to do since I'm working on the old "favorites" that I've known forever. I will definitely look into that. :) No offense taken. I just want to see if I "still have it" so to speak, so shooting for it. If I miss, I'll still have some, which is better than none, right? :) Thanks, friend, for stopping by!

    Jeanine, thanks so much for stopping by! BTW, I really like your blog and will be coming by for tips. I'm stuck in "comfy clothes" stage. LOL