Friday, April 5, 2013

Feeling Beachie ~ Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - 106

Joining in one of my favorite blog hops!  If you'd like to join in, go HERE

If you aren't familiar with this, Feeling Beachie hosts a blog hop and shares four questions to be answered and shared.  If you blog, consider joining in for a bit of Friday fun.  If you don't blog, feel free to answer here or go to Beachie's blog and answer there (as well as find a bunch more blogs participating).  :)

This weeks statements are:

1) I don't remember the last time ALL of the socks in the house were matched (at same time).

2) Sometimes I go all out on my hair but usually it's simply washed and braided.

3) When I think of my childhood, I remember the good things.  Like how close family lived, cooking lessons, playing in the backyard, and my brother who was kind enough to let me use his cars and trucks for my Barbies.

4)  I am not always forgetful, but I do get distracted or am slow so it seems like I forget.  :(  I am praying on this one.

Your turn!  Share with us all.  :)


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