Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

Wow! Can you believe this crazy weather? Our lowest predicted low in the next ten days is usually our high this time of year. Are you in one of the many cities that had record-breakers today?

More importantly, were you able to get out and enjoy this day the Lord made?

I sure did--a few times--and yes, there was much joy in it. :)

Here's a pic I snapped off this morning, just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. We are in full bloom here in our neck of the woods and even the flowering buds are springing forth!

On days like today you can almost hear your garden calling you to come out and play. Deep Roots At Home has a very helpful to-do list that makes a great checklist for gardeners! I've been using it myself and it's motivated me to get plans out of my mind and get my body into action. To see her list, click HERE.

For now though, go for a walk or sit or sit on your porch and sip a tea and be sure to rejoice in this utterly beautiful March day.

Wishing you a Blessed Wednesday!


  1. Oh yes...and what a treat it was to be out in the glorious weather!

  2. This weather HAS been a joy and I've enjoyed it so much. In fact, I'm thinking of doing our schooling at the park tomorrow!

  3. Tamara,
    Those flowering trees are just so pretty! That is so kind of you to mention the March 'To Do' list :) We are so blessed, aren't we, to have a yard and garden to tend. I can't wait for Heaven...I think the gardens there will be amazing!! Maybe we can work side by side in the New Jerusalem's gardens :) LOL