Monday, March 12, 2012

Monkey Muffins ~ a Pick-a-Pin Monday Post!

Join me as I join and online partner in pins! Our goal is simple: Use Those Pins! Pinterest is such a wonderful site, especially for creative people or planning people. One problem that usually happens though for a lot of is that we spend more time pinning rather than doing. And that amounts to virtual clutter! (tsk tsk, lol) So, our goal is to do one pin each week--be it trying a new recipe or hairstyle, or maybe creating some fabulous piece of craft inspiration, or gardening, etc. We'll post the pin we propose to do that week in our Monday blogs and make sure we join the link part (see below). On Fridays we will reveal the results!

Are you ready? GREAT! You can start by visiting Knit Together for the link-up party!

Now, onto the fun stuff....

This week, I'm going to try a new recipe. I usually enjoy everything that comes from The Pioneer Woman, and this week's pin looks like it will not be an exception (my mouth is watering already)...


Yup, small mini versions of monkey bread. I have some biscuits that need to be used up and think this would be just the fun thing to do with them! :)

My original pin is HERE.
The recipe for Pioneer Woman can be found HERE.

Happy Pin-creating this week. I hope to see what you've been up to soon. :)



  1. OOOH THOSE look DELIGHTFUL! I cannot wait to see pictures! Might have to try that one... Thanks for joining Pick A Pin!!

  2. Thanks, Shateen, and thanks for hosting the link party! :)

  3. Yummy! I'm on a muffin making kick so I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  4. Will let you know! I mean, it's monkey bread, so how wrong can it be? LOL