Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. Monday - Happy Anniversary, Darling Groom!

Today is Mr. Monday, a day in which some of us blog wives tell our husbands what we really think of them. (For more information, visit my friend Heather at Servant, Wife, Mother.)

So, this week, I want to send a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my Darling Groom! We celebrate 15 great years this week.

The Lord has really blessed me with a strong and loving husband. He may not be perfect, but he's perfectly designed for me and just the right balance of strength and tenderness. Through our fifteen years of marriage I've been honored and blessed to watch him grow into a gifted spiritual leader of our home, a more patient and loving husband and father, a man of deeper integrity and so much more. He's wise, has a very dry wit and a crazy sense of humor. He knows when I need advice or when I need to laugh. His discernment has saved me a lot of stress through the years and his charm has left me unarmed at times. He has mean martial arts skills and he's great teacher to our children and many others he encounters. He's a true gift from God.

I thank God and my MIL for this great man I am married to and cannot wait for the next fifteen years. The journey so far has been incredible.

Love you, My Handsome Man!

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