Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden Update ~ Container Garden

Now, this is where I feel most comfortable as I tried it last year and had some marginal success.  I did opt for larger pots this year, hoping that will help.  I also tried a different potting mix and made it more like the mix I used in the raise beds.

For my pots this year I used a mixture of potting soil, peat hummus, mushroom compost and vermiculite, using organic whenever possible.

We have a selection of plants, and here's where most of my heirlooms are right now.  I currently have my jalepenos up here, but am debating moving the pots down closer to the beds.  At any rate, we have two kinds of grape tomatoes (red and yellow), a larger tomato called Black Pineapple, a special cucumber plant we wanted to try call Dragon's Egg (they are white), some some red and yellow onions and a few garlic.  Here are just a couple of early morning pics (sorry, didn't get the tomatoes or dragon's egg cucumber yet)...


jalepeno, one bloom

And that's the garden so far...will update in a few weeks or when the first bits of harvest come in!  Hope you have a fabulous day and if you're growing something, be sure to let me know where you blogged about it so I can check it out!



  1. Thanks for the advice you left on my blog about mosquitoes and chiggers - it's been a bad year for both here in TX!!

    This is our first year for container type gardening. We've also done a raised bed. In our area, the soil is so bad, you have to do something different than a traditional garden (unless you're content with just okra!). Thanks for your ideas. :)

  2. Gwen, thanks! You know what's funny? My okra is dying left and right, but everything else seems to be thriving, lol. Go figure. God has it all under control though. Praying your container garden goes well. Our ground is clay and rock, is that what yours is? I was really impressed by that guy from Back to Eden and he made an entire garden over the top of that and over the years, it began composting the clay and rock too. :)