Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Date Your Husband Challenge! A Special Tuesday Edition of Mr. Monday

Good morning, beautiful friends! The sun is shining here and the Lord has blessed us with some cooler northerly breezes. Fall is definitely in the air. Not so great for the fruit and veg which suddenly decided to grow but it is definitely a welcome respite over the record-breaking heat we've had this summer. :)

There was no time to blog yesterday as Darling Groom and I were both taking care of projects around the home, so we have moved the Mr. Monday Post to today. Thanks for the understanding!

Today, I want to issue a challenge.

I read about this challenge on Becoming A Strong Woman of God. The challenge might seem simple (to "date" your husband one night each week) and you can do this in a lot of ways (a walk, dinner in or out, a big date, a couch snuggle date, etc.) but the goal is to set aside time each week to show your husband that he and the marriage God gave you is important!

It will be interesting, but I hope you will join us on this journey. And while the goal is one night a week, just think of the time you'll have together even if you don't make it each and every week. The investment of time, love and honor will be such a blessing to both you and your Mister.

So, please, pray about it and be sure to read the original post about this challenge over at Becoming A Strong Woman of God. (Full details are over there, click name hyperlink to be taken there!). The investment will be well worth every moment of planning!

And now, off to plan a special date with my Darling Groom.

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